Bali's Premier Property Management Company
Who are we?
A real estate development group of companies
we specialize in sourcing rental villas and developing land into holiday rentals in Bali that can be sold for returns that have long since disappeared in the Western World.
Why ACS?
We can guarantee a 50% overall return on investment on any villa that matches our criteria of analysis.
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Our services:
Property Management
  • 50% minimum annual ROI
    We will offer turn key solutions to investment properties specializing in villas by using various online platforms such as AirBNB,, Vrbo and our personal network of local agents to maintain no lower than an 80% occupancy rate to ensure maximum returns.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly management
    We source, negotiate with villa owners and rent out villas on behalf of clients using a hands-on approach to managing daily, weekly and monthly customers of those villas. With value add on options such as transport and tours.
  • Quick returns
    We also provide yearly tenants for those who prefer smaller, quicker returns. Maintaining an attention to detail and a 5 star customer experience we provide travellers.
Real Estate
Villa construction
In addition to property management we build luxury villas for investment.

ACS boasts 21 years of experience in construction and 27 years in sales and marketing, our team consists of serial entrepreneurs dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and returns possible.
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